Challenges to Find

More Demand than Available Talents

The job market is now largely candidate-driven, and there are more jobs available than candidates to fill them. For hiring professionals, that means it’s getting harder and harder to find that perfect candidate to join the team.​

How to Attract, hire and retain

Attracting, hiring, and retaining talent requires a well-thought-out and strategic process. To overcome challenges, you need to make some changes in your hiring process to improve your results and land the candidates who will excel in your organization.​

There is no Time to Procure

Large companies have lots of ongoing software projects, especially related to their core business applications. Those projects need fast answers to business and regulatory demands. There is no time to procure Talents. You need people to make it happen, working directly with your teams.

The ways we deliver



We Turn On, On Premise, the Top Talent for you

Talent On

Usually, large companies have lots of ongoing tech projects, especially related to their core business applications.

Those projects need fast answers to business and regulatory demands. There is no time to find Talents.

You need right people to make it happen, working directly with your teams.​

​We find, select and hire Top Talents for any kind of project – solution architects, designers, system analysts, developers, testers, you name it. ​

​We take care of all processes related to hiring professionals, to guarantee you can have Talent Turned On, On-premise, for your projects.​


Your Need ​
We capture your need and translate in the Right Talent Approach​

In the Right Way
We identify the Right Way to Deliver​

We Deliver ​
We Find, Evaluate, Immigrate, Hire and Land the Top Talent​

We Support​
Our Business Partner follows and supports You and Talent in the entire journey​



We Turn On, On Remote Mode, the Top Talent for you​

Talent OnRemote

In some cases, after following the entire Talent On process, we realize that Top Talent needs to work remotely.​

This usually happens when you do not have the facilities available to work or if the immigration/landing process takes a long time.​

We can provide the infrastructure for Talent to work near-shore or off-shore. ​

He can use our offices in Portugal, Brazil and elsewhere where we work.​

You can manage Top Talent directly on video and collaboration platforms while we take care of infrastructure and administrative support.​

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We Find, Select and You Hire the Top Talent

Talent Finder

In other cases, the need is just to Find the Top Talent to hire directly.​

We follow the same Talent On Journey, but in the end, instead of being hired by us, Talent will be hired by you.​

If you have a problem within 90 days, we will continue to work on finding the right talent for you at no additional cost.​

In this model, the services fee is based on a percentage of the Annual Package offered to the Talent, and this amount can be paid in up to 12 installments.​

What we deliver

You have ideas, we have experienced people to make them happen.

We find, select and hire the best professionals for any kind of project – solution architects, designers, system analysts, developers, testers, you name it.

​​We take care of all processes related to hiring local, nearshore and offshore professionals, to guarantee you can have TalentOn for your projects.​

You can count on Us to deliver:​
– Motivated, commited and cohese Talents;​
– Adaptability to any kind of  management approach;​
– High-quality professionals for all roles, and technologies;​
– Stress-free hiring, onboarding and replacement.​

We deliver Top Talents

We are your partner for the best tech talent. Anytime, anywhere. No-stress scalability for your tech projects .


Agile Coach


Scrum Master


Product Manager













Our differentiation

Scale your tech capabilities by hiring the best talent – locally, in nearshore or offshore models. Our professionals can be integrated in any team, in any configuration and in any combination of professionals – ours, yours and from other service providers.

We bring experienced Talent from Brazil, one of the top-ten IT markets in the world, and from other talented and cost-effective countries worldwide.

We take care of Human Resources tasks such as procuring, recruiting, hiring, mentoring and training, so you can focus on your technical needs. We also support our professionals, making sure they have everything they need to work effectively and satisfied. We take care of everything, so they can focus on results.

​Use our professionals in complex projects that must be managed internally by you but need immediate results, such as core business applications.​

​We offer a Business Partner, dedicated customer success specialists that understand your needs, as well as your technical, regulatory and corporate environment, in order to provide the right talent for every demand.

Request A Meeting

Contact us over email or phone, so we can set up a meeting to know each other and discuss your needs.

Feel free to share information in advance, in any format you have.​

​We will do a visit or a videoconference in a structured way, to capture as much information as possible. ​

In the meeting we will decide on the best engagement model.

José Bouça Head of BizDev & Support

​José has a Bachelor in Computer Science and more than 20 years experience in Technology and Processes with Technical, Corporate and Business responsibilities. He combines expertise in planning, process organization, cross-functional team leadership, strategic and tactical decision making, and resilience in highly dynamic environments.​





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Top Talents

Bring your Top Talents to B11

If you are passionate about Technology and believe your Talent can help Transform Companies and  their World, come work with us.​

Here you can enjoy new Experiences, new Cultures, and new Challenges that will impact Companies, Society and You.​

​We support you throughout this Journey so it will be unforgettable.​

Patrícia Schaefer Head of Talent Aquisition

Patrícia is a Psychologist, quantum therapist and specialist in the area of ​​human resources and has more than 10 years experience acting as a Talent Finder in several segments for large national and multinational companies. She also has extensive experience in the area of ​​talent acquisition and people management, always focusing on satisfactory and innovative solutions for talents and companies.​





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